How Kitting Is Beneficial For Your Manufacturing Process

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Human hand solving jigsaw puzzle by connecting white piece with check mark

In the off chance that you have misread the title of this week’s blog, allow us to clarify that neither “knitting” nor “kittens” are particularly beneficial for the manufacturing process. And while you may be a fan of activities that involve yarn or cuddly creatures of the furry variety, please know that “kitting” is something that is completely unrelated to either.

So what is kitting?

Kitting is an extremely important element of the manufacturing process. Imagine putting together a puzzle. You open the box and dump all of the pieces out and essentially begin at “ground zero” attempting to construct an image out of random parts. If kitting was involved in the puzzle-making process, you’d have all of the pieces laid out in the correct orientation and ready to be snapped together. It would literally save you hours of time to complete the puzzle.

“Kitting” refers to the organization and sometimes the assembly of parts that are used in the manufacturing of any particular product. That way, when they are delivered to the manufacturer, a ton of time is saved in the assembly and construction portion of the manufacturing process. You can just imagine how much money this can save your company as well. Quite often, kitting takes place in lower-cost warehouses by workers on assembly lines.

Kitting improves productivity and reduces warehousing requirements.

By having your puzzle pieces set up for you – so to speak – you allow for your manufacturing team to focus on the important tasks of assembly and construction. This saves a great deal of time and even frees up space in your warehouse so that it can be devoted to the manufacturing process as opposed to the sorting out of all of the parts needed for the construction of the products.

“With kitting services, you are essentially starting the manufacturing process outside your plant,” confirms Kanban Logistics, “Pre-sorted kits save time and labor by ensuring necessary components are available at the point of use. If parts are not kitted, it is time-consuming for assemblers to search inventory, pull parts and log usage.”

Kitting makes your business more efficient.

Kitting services enable you to manage your materials a lot more effectively. With a more efficient manufacturing process, you inevitably grow your company’s ability to maximize profits. Consider the money you save when you no longer have to purchase countless items that need to be shipped and billed to you separately.

Think about how much easier you make life for your team when the components they require for manufacturing have already been pulled, processed, packaged, labelled and shipped to them, ready to be put together. This is especially important when you have worldwide clients who consider time to be of the essence. You can significantly expand your global distribution potential when you lessen the wait times for those awaiting your manufactured products.

A few weeks ago, in our first ever blog, we defined what a wire harness is and highlighted the fact that it incorporates a group of numerous wires. Imagine receiving each of those wires separately before being able to construct your product! At Flux Connectivity, we are as big on efficiency as we are on providing high-quality materials. For more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-557-FLUX or email us at


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