Flux Connectivity Inc. Appoints Chief Innovation Officer

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Flux Connectivity Appoints Chief Innovation Officer

Jonathan Regidor has joined Flux Connectivity as Chief Innovation Officer.

In this newly designed executive leadership role, Jonathan will champion both external and internal innovation in alignment with Flux’s customer-centric model. Reporting to the CEO, Jonathan’s leadership will include the development and execution of commercial activities that strategically position Flux to become a premier contract manufacturing provider.


A strong passion and wealth of experience  

Jonathan brings a unique perspective that combines diverse career experience and a passion for enabling customer success. In 2011, Jonathan started as a warehouse technician at Delco Wire & Cable, where he began to learn the internal workings of the industry and open his eyes to opportunity. Since then, Jonathan has successfully held multiple roles in the electrical distribution business that consisted of a $15M privately held, a $400M employee-owned, and a $9B publicly traded organization. Each instance providing him with deeper insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each operating model. It is this experience that fuels Jonathan’s belief that to create long-term sustainability you must marry the delivery of value with transactional excellence.

In his spare time, Jonathan dreams about the future of manufacturing, the possibilities of space travel and also song writes on his piano and guitar. We welcome Jonathan on this exciting journey.



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