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Picture describing the 5S Workplace Organization Methods with various colors for each method

What Are The 5S Standards?

By today’s standards, the iPhone 5S is practically an obsolete piece of hardware, considering the widespread use of iPhone X models. But let us be clear that Apple’s massively popular

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A picture being drawn by a person. Cost is written in red with a downward pointed arrow and and efficiency is written in green with a upward pointed arrow
Manufacturing Solutions

What Is Cost Of Quality?

“You can’t afford to buy cheap.” This statement was recently uttered by a friend of ours who was explaining her need to buy a high-quality shower curtain for her bathroom.

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Automotive wire harness loom with multiple branches and various connectors at each end isolated on a white background
Cable Assembly

What Is IPC/WHMA-A-620?

Photo courtesy of ASSEMBLY. IPC/WHMA-A-620. At first glance, it looks like an excellent password, doesn’t it? Online security experts quite often champion the act of selecting a password that is

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Electrical junction box with cable grand connection in an industrial setting
Junction Boxes

What Is A Junction Box?

As you’re likely now aware, based on our first two blogs, the Flux Connectivity team prides itself on providing manufacturing solutions that both enable high performance and extreme safety. You’ll

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XLR cable assemblies and connector isolated on white background.
Cable Assembly

What Is A Cable Assembly?

When we launched the Flux Connectivity Blog, we thought it was important to start it up by defining some of our most popular manufacturing solutions. In our first blog, we

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