Adam Amos
Chief Executive Officer

Bringing over 18 years of hard earning success through economic cycles to every extreme. Adam brings expertise in managing in times of high growth to the reality of making difficult decisions. With precision he has led organizations serving diverse and demanding clients in manufacturing, industrial construction, military, and retail operations.

A sharp eye for financial well being and making informed decisions, Adam has guided entrepreneurs and executives through re-branding, technology upgrades and complex lease negotiations. He balances decisions with heart felt empathy for the employee experience with the same level of concern for the customer experience.

In the face of a difficult economy, Adam was instrumental in building 3 successful cloud-based businesses by guiding the entrepreneur with cost effective technological solutions to ensure the business was scalable and attractive to investors. Surrounded by a solid professional network Adam brings humility and positive energy to every interaction he engages in.

Adam originally hails from Eastern Canada and has traveled the world for both business and to appreciate culture diversity. He lives a dual life with family in both Canada and the US. With a zest for life and a generosity in sharing his knowledge, Adam’s reputation for asking great questions in a thoughtful, respectful manner is the foundation of all his relationships.