Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Overmolded cable assemblies are the most economical way of sealing connectors and are designed to bring performance and reliability to harsh environments. Our specially formulated FluxForce™ polyurethane resins are designed to withstand temperatures of -40C to +90C, are UV and heat stabilized, flame retardant, and are water and oil resistant.

Choose from a selection of standard colors or create your own by matching to a Pantone Color. FluxForce™ molded products mitigates the risk of costly downtime and ensures long lasting, high performance year after year.



The overmolding process holds the entire assembly together in one piece and helps the operator better handle and use the cable.  The molds are created with operator ergonomics and application functionality in mind.  Various color options are available for molded assemblies, and has a variety of practical benefits including;

  • Assisting in the identification of similar looking cables to reduce the possibility of installing the wrong cable
  • Creation of a matching female and male color scheme to simplify the installation of each cable to it’s appropriate mate
  • Choose from a selection of standard colors or we will custom match to a Pantone Color of your choice. 


The over-molding process encapsulates the conductors in a polyurethane resin which has various benefits to eliminate cable damage including;

  • Strengthening of the wires inside of the mold
  • Insulating the wires to prevent possibility of them shorting to each other
  • Creating a strain relief for the operator to pull on to minimize the stress on the connections
  • Necessary when the environmental conditions include moisture or immersion, and is required in order to achieve the required IP protection status

All of our over-molded cable assemblies are tested and inspected to meet or exceed IPC/WHMA-A-620 Revision C.

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