SolarGuard™ Molded PV Cables

Flux Connectivity manufactures Molded PV Cables to your specifications and can assist with the design and selection of components based on your application, including environmental factors and harsh conditions.


SolarGuard™ Molded PV Cables offer the solar industry an intuitive cabling solution that provides improved weatherability for maximum protection. Flexibility in design offers the best overall value and allows you to get the job done right. SolarGuard™ is available in series (strings) and parallel for large arrays with the benefits of molding including time savings, UV protection and enhanced durability. Flux has a reputation of providing high reliability connectivity solutions for extremely harsh environments.

  • Multiple Connector Brands
  • 600V, 1000V and 2000V DC – IP68
  • Custom Parallel Circuit Array Harness
  • Combination X-Mold & T-Mold Junction Parallel Circuit Array Harnesses
  • T-Mold Junction Parallel Circuit Array Harnesses
  • TESTING & CODE COMPLIANCE • Connectors Certified to UL UL6703 & UL1703, TUV certified, IP67 or IP68 rated • Wire/Cable UL certified to UL4703/UL854


  • RoHS compliant
  • Cross linked polyethylene wire (XLPE or XLP)
  • lammability meets UL 94 requirements; V0 rated
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