Swivelpole™ Assembly

Flux Connectivity is a value-add manufacturing solutions provider for Swivelpole™ products for Canada and the U.S.

REDUCE LABOR REQUIREMENTS: Flux builds the pole to your specifications to help reduce your on-site labor requirements and costs.

CONSOLIDATE VENDORS: Flux procures the individual parts for you as part of the manufacturing process thereby reducing the number of BOM components you would otherwise have to purchase and track through multiple vendors.

Download our Swivelpole™ Assembly Overview


Learn more about Swivelpole™ at swivelpole.com.

Flux Connectivity builds custom lowering pole configurations with the Swivelpole™ joint based on your requirements.  All poles, with or without devices, are wired and ready for installation on site.  Flux will provide any specific sizes and specific devices required on the pole prefabricated, including;

  • Lighting
  • CCTV and Surveillance
  • Networking
  • Solar Panels
  • Sirens and Alarms
  • Instruments
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