How weather or environmentally resistant are your products?

As we’re a custom manufacturer, we can design and manufacture products to suit your requirements. If you require a product to be resistant to extreme heat, extreme cold, or high movement, we manufacture accordingly.

Typical examples of products we manufacture that require resistance to harsh environments include Type P for offshore marine, polyurethane for low temperature and high abrasion environments, and Teflon for extreme heat.

Do I need to have a drawing to obtain a quote?

No Drawing? No problem. Flux will provide a quotation directly from a BOM and will provide you with an assembly specification for approval prior to manufacturing.

How long are your lead-times?

Lead times are based on raw material availability and manufacturing capacity at the time of order placement. Flux is passionate about meeting delivery requirements and is proud to consistently achieve an industry-leading on-time delivery performance of 98%. Our team will review your specific requirements at the time of your order so we may provide you with a more accurate promised delivery date.

Do you have minimum order quantities?

Minimum order quantities depend on raw material availability. Flux strives to recommend raw materials that both meet your specifications and are readily available in low quantities.